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Feelgood - Winona Forever (Orange Vinyl)

Feelgood - Winona Forever (Orange Vinyl)

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The first repressing of Feelgood since its release in 2019 on exclusive orange vinyl. This item is on Pre-Order and will ship in April once they are finished at the pressing plant.

The 2019 sophomore album from Winona Forever arrived to much anticipation after singles, 'Keep Kool', 'Gazing', and 'Heads or Tails', attracted a new broader audience to the Vancouver quartet. Their smooth sound and entertaining music videos helped grow the indie band and popularise them among fans of guitar-centric indie rock, the likes of fellow Candian Mac Demarco. Originally released by the Vancouver label Kingfisher Blues the album has only seen limited runs of vinyl pressings to the dismay of many of their fans. As one writer put it,"Feelgood feels good all the way through, for the consistency of its almost uncannily smooth songwriting and for the intriguing balance of passion and, yes, coolness projected by the band’s tight performance style and their jazzy construction of tune and hook. Feelgood, as such, elevates itself above the pack of post-chillwave indie rock albums to which it will inevitably be compared, and becomes very much its own thing". This pressing is paired with the release of their third album Acrobat, out via Acrophase Records 4/14/23.


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